A smart dress code benefits everyone

Our governors, staff and parents place a great emphasis on high standards. Our drive to realising these standards encompasses all aspects of school life: teaching and learning, relationships, behaviour and dress code, etc. Wearing the correct school uniform is essential and a smart dress code benefits everyone. It creates a sense of
belonging and unites us a community, giving us all an identity to be part of and proud of.

Please read our Uniform policy for further information:

Warberry School Uniform Policy

  • Uniform
    • Grey v necked jumper with school logo 
    • Red cardigan with school logo 
    • White shirt with collar
    • School tie, red with grey stripes – academy office
    • Grey trousers or shorts (summer)
    • Royal Stuart Tartan Kilt – knee length
    • Red and white checked dress (summer)
    • Grey or white socks. Plain black or red tights
    • Black enclosed shoes

PE and Games

  •  White crew neck T shirt (logos optional)
  • Black shorts or jogging bottoms (no labels)
  • Plimsolls or trainers (not brightly coloured)
  •  Black jumper or hoodie
  • Bag to keep PE kit in (nothing too large).

Children should not wear trainers except for P.E.
All items of clothing should be clearly named.


  • Grey Trousers (short or long)
  • Grey socks
  • Red Nursery sweatshirt with logo
  • Red polo t-shirt
  • Black shoes (not trainers)
  • Tartan kilt or pinafore (Royal Stewart)
  • White socks
  • Black or red tights
  • Red gingham dresses (Summer)

Please label ALL clothing

Jewellery and hairstyles
We expect that children wear a minimum of jewellery. However, the following are acceptable:
• A watch.
• A medical alert bracelet.
• No more than one stud in each ear.
• Artificially brightly coloured or bleached hair is not permitted in school.
• All long hair must be tied back using school friendly, discrete accessories

Where to purchase it
The branded items (jumper, cardigan and optional PE T-shirt) can only be purchased from the following
Price & Buckland (national supplier, online only): Warberry C of E Academy (pbuniform-online.co.uk)
Parents can have items delivered free, direct to the school during term time, to reduce the cost

The kilt can be purchased from the following supplier:
Riviera School Days (local supplier, in store or online): Warberry C of E Academy – Riviera Schooldays

All other items can be purchased more widely, from high-street retailers and supermarkets, as well as from the
suppliers above.

Second-hand Uniform
Our school PTA also provides the opportunity to purchase items of second-hand uniform. We also offer a swap
shop for kilts. Please contact the school office for details.