Local Artist Simon Drew

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service

Local Artist Perter Blakesley

Mrs Hatherley - Bee Keeper

We would like to thank the teachers and pupils for all their hard work in preparing the wonderful Carol service that we attended yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed it and thought the children were amazing. Congratulations to everyone and happy Christmas. Best regards great grandparents of one of the children

I have just been looking through a photo book that I made for XXXX, pictures that took her from her first day in Reception right through to all of the wonderful experiences that your staff organised as she finished Year 6. There were many happy days to look back on from class assemblies, key worker days, Joe Wick's visit, school trips, music festivals, Aladdin and the last few emotional days at Warberry and I just wanted to extend a thank you to all of your staff that have given her such a heart warming journey through primary school.

What an inspirational visit for our children from Sara Parfett who is an olympic rower! She put us through our paces and even spoke to us about how resilience helps us to be successful.
Sara told us how enthusiastic all the children were and commented on some of the great, thoughtful questions they asked

I would like to congratulate you, the staff and the children for their brilliant performances both in KS1 nativity and KS2 Carol concert. From experience I know the time and effort that is required to achieve that outcome. It was an honour to attend.

Lesley Pearse - Number one best-selling Author
Lovely attentive children and a beautiful school with all the values I value.
Do hope they do all get diaries for Christmas.  I’ll be checking up on them!!
Love and best wishes

I just had a tour around your school with Miss Ferran and wanted to say thank you so much.
I would send XXXX to you on the merit of Miss Ferran’s passion and commitment to EYFS.
Your school displayed all the learning values I’d hope XXXX could develop and it is clear your staff team really value one another in how they are with each other.