Sea Lions and Jellyfish

Grenville House Residential


SEA LIONS: This week I have chosen somebody who has been incredibly resilient. You have come into school every day, worked hard, and smiled. I am so proud of you Alex!

JELLYFISH: Freddie is our star of the week this week as he has made so much progress in his times tables this year and he did an amazing job completing his multiplication check! Well done!


SEA LIONS: This week for showing determination to improve their skills in PE, I have chosen Tess. You also work fabulously as part of a team.
Well done Tess

JELLYFISH: Maisie has won the presentation award for her superb effort in writing – your English book looks stunning, and you’ve taken real ownership over how beautiful it looks! Well done!


Year 4 were super scientists this week when identifying insulators and conductors! They investigated all different kinds of material and decided which were best to conduct electricity. The children made some excellent predictions based on their understanding of how electricity flows and we were mightily impressed!