Otters and Penguins


OTTERS: Amelia-Rose, for working really hard at sitting nicely on the carpet and engaging with class discussions. Well done Amelia Rose, Keep it up!

PENGUINS: This week goes to Sierra, for her outstanding effort in literacy this week. Sierra s new to literacy and she has written some fantastic command sentences and used lots of imagery!


OTTERS: Betsy, for drawing a beautiful picture of her sacred place in our RE lesson this week. You made sure to take your time and even included labels. Well done, Betsy.

PENGUINS: This week goes to India, for her beautiful presentation in literacy. She wrote a fantastic paragraph using alliteration to describe the setting!


In music, the children have been enjoying experimenting with rhythm and pulse using percussion instruments. They have used ‘boomwackers’ to make simple patterns, follow simple beats and do a call and response pattern.