Dolphins and Seahorses


DOLPHINS: Our star of the week this week is Alana for being incredibly brave and coming into school with a gorgeous smile on her face each morning!

SEAHORSES: This weeks’ star of the week goes to Oscar for his sensational attitude towards his learning. You are enthusiastic and engaged in all of our lesson and always demonstrate stunning learning behaviours.


DOLPHINS: Our presentation award winner this week is, Albert for putting incredible effort into all of his learning this week, well done!

SEAHORSES: Our presentation award this week is Florence for her beautifully written sentences in our literacy lessons.


In our science learning the children discussed the diet of various animals before sorting the animals into three groups: carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. After working collaboratively to sort images, the children then used this to independently sort the animals into a Venn diagram. They loved becoming scientists, classifying animals.